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field capture

No matter how simple your production may be, field audio capture is fifty percent of the end result. The location audio engineer must be able to capture clean and clear dialogue, appropriate background ambiance and know how to mitigate noise or interference. Post EQ's audio engineer's not only have years of experience, but bring top of the line media kits to your production.



Original Music

 Music is the driving force to relate the emotion of a scene. Post EQ provides not only original compositions for a project, but also draws upon the talents of it's network amazing artists to perform everything from rock to classical, hip hop to jazz, electronica to bluegrass. Post EQ can deliver on time and on budget for film, television, radio and streaming media.


Sound Design.png

Sound Design

From rainforest ambiance to urban chaos, Post EQ’s staff introduces audio textures beyond the dialogue to create soundscapes the images demand. By drawing on our own library of originals, or by creating and recording anew, Post EQ sound designers bring the story to life.



FOLEY / ADR / SFX / voice casting

Post EQ’s creative staff utilizes an extensive collection of surfaces as well as custom instruments to Foley-in missing pieces of production audio. These subtle additions are often the key to bringing audio and visual together. Post EQ works with Synergy Productions to provide the highest level of equipment, acoustics and aesthetics for Foley, Voice Over and ADR. The comfortable and professional environment along with a staff of talented voiceover and foley artists ensures a great performance, perfectly captured, every time.




Your success depends on choosing the correct audiovisual equipment for your establishment and installing it correctly – the first time. Post-EQ has installed audiovisual solutions for nightclubs, retirement homes, recording studios, school auditoriums, sports facilities and more.




MARK DAVID, DIrector  ●  SMALL PRODUCTIONS  ●  SILVER GLEN  ●  Sweet Nelly Productions

Post-EQ is our go-to audio company for live action recording and post sound work. Patrick is a pleasure to work with and has a wonderfully calming presence on set when things get hectic. We can always count on him to deliver pristine audio.
— Drew Hisey, Director at Dystnct Media
Post-EQ ran every aspect of our live concerts and performing arts productions for more than ten years. I loved knowing that, because Post-EQ was at the helm, my patrons would leave my theater satisfied.
— Steve Lerian, former Executive Director at Kirkland Performance Center
I sell a lot of gear, and I want that gear to sound right, so I want it installed by the best. Post EQ is the best.
— Jim Andre, General Manager at Bellevue American Music